School Sustainability Policy

Every school requires a comprehensive School Sustainability Policy establishing the school's strategy and position in terms of:

  1. The education of students about sustainability;
  2. Sustainability within the administration of the school;
  3. The school's participation in community-based sustainability initiatives and the national Climate Change Strategy.

Policy Template

Schools for Peace & Sustainability has developed a standard School Sustainability Policy that schools can adopt and implemement. This policy has been produced with input from teachers and sustainability specialists in different countries and it provides a comprehensive strategy for school administrators, teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders in the community.

The document can be edited by each school to reflect their existing sustainability programs and initiatives and to reflect the fact that no two schools are alike. 


We recognise that every country is different in terms of language, culture, capability, education system, etc.  We are therefore going through the process of adapting the School Sustainability Policy to the unique circumstances of each country. This is a continuous improvement process and we welcome feedback from teachers and school administrators in all countries.


The School Sustainability Policy is being distributed directly to the world's 7+ million schools along with a pedagogy guide for teachers. Distribution of the pack is being carried out on a country-by-country basis and this will be followed up by our in-country teams to assist each school in the adoption and implemention of the policy. 

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