The Schools for Peace & Sustainability platform has been designed to bring millions of schools, teachers and sustainability stakeholders together to build a brighter future for our children and their children.

We invite teachers and sustainability specialists to connect and to develop fun resources and projects for students to learn about sustainability and to hone their skills as responsible citizens. 

Platform Features

Core Platform


One platform bringing every school, teacher, community stakeholder and expert together for sustainability

Discussion & Wikis


Users can publish updates, information and wikis for different themes or for specific audiences 

School Spaces


Space for each school to collaborate with internal staff, external stakeholders and community supporters

Mail & Messaging


Chat with your colleagues and platform connections using the integrated chat and messaging tool

Sustainabiliy Spaces


Themed spaces that enable collaboration and knowledge sharing around specific sustainability issues

Case Studies


Children learn from simple stories they can relate to and about brands they use every day



One Platform

A single ecosystem uniting schools with each other and with sustainability stakeholders everywhere. All stakeholders in one place, united in a common goal of achieving security, stability and sustainability for the planet and its peoples.

Fun Learning

Children need learning resources that are interesting, up-to-date and importantly fun. Schools for Peace & Sustainability helps teachers connect and collaborate to develop exciting learning materials and fun projects.

Focus on the Future

By focusing on children and by empowering them to deal with the serious sustainability problems affecting everyone on the planet, we are helping to create a better world for future generations.

Connect Global, Act Local

This platform connects stakeholders all over the world, particularly those passionate about education and sustainability. It provides opportunities for users to participate in international initiatives while also contributing to projects in the local community.

Sustainability Case Studies

Schoolchildren require continuous stimulation and motivation. Schools for Peace & Sustainability provides a flow of interesting case studies for all schools. These case studies are created to appeal to the young audience and incorporate problems they can relate to and brands they are familiar with.

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