Climate Change Strategy

Schools for Peace & Sustainability has been asked by teachers, parents and schoolchidren to develop a national climate change strategy that addresses the pollution created by schools, not-for-profit organisations and companies.

Since there is no ambiguity regarding pollution, the Climate Change Strategy is simple:

All schools, organisations and companies need to cease polluting the environment by becoming carbon neutral, immediately.

 As a first step, and particularly to show strong leadership by doing the right thing, many of the country's environmental organisations, sustainability groups and ethical companies are taking steps to become carbon neutral immediately. This lays a solid foundation for all schools, organisations and companies to become carbon neutral.

Becoming Carbon Neutral

For over 95% of organisations and businesses, it is very simple and cost-effective to become carbon neutral. 

Schools for Peace & Sustainability provides a certified carbon offset solution. 

Simply contact us and one of our Climate Change Managers will call you back to discuss.

Planting Forests

In order to offset your emissions, Schools for Peace & Sustainability plants trees in a manner that permanently removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This is the most efficient and cost effective way to undo the pollution created by normal business activities. We do this for schools, not-for-profit organisations and businesses of all size. 

Planting forests and particularly the establishment of permanent native woodlands has the added benefit of creating local habitats and rebuilding wildlife ecosystems. We work with skilled foresters and conservation specialists to ensure that the forests contribute positively to the local environment. 

Our tree-planting is also an interactive learning experience for schoolchildren and adults. We arrange tree-planting school trips and company teambuilding days to the forests that are being planted. As part of this experience, we have sustainability experts on hand to explain the forest ecosystem in detail.


The certification process is important as it provides transparency and traceability of your carbon reduction. 

Schools for Peace & Sustainability provides your school, organisation or business with a certificate demonstrating carbon neutrality. This certificate links directly to the specific trees that have been planted along with the lands on which they have been planted. This enables the trees to be monitored during their life-cycle and subsequently to verify that the carbon is permanently removed.


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