Schools for Peace & Sustainability is challenging businesses and individuals to join us in taking responsibility for Ireland’s carbon emissions by matching our donation of 16,500 trees or contributing to the cause! Help us in reaching our target of 30,000 trees!

The global platform for every school, teacher and community

Schools for Peace & Sustainability helps schools and teachers prepare their students to deal with the difficult problems facing our planet and our society. Every school in every country now has access to a free tool that helps them connect with sustainability practitioners and climate change experts worldwide. 

Free for Every School

Schools for Peace & Sustainability is partnering with sustainable organisations and ethical businesses to maintain this platform free for every school and every teacher in the world. We welcome you to register for free and collaborate with the global community.

Who is the collaboration platform for?


  • School teachers
  • School admin staff
  • Sustainability practitioners
  • Academics
  • Local businesses
  • Ethical companies
  • Community groups
  • Sustainability agencies
  • School supporters


Central Platform

Core collaboration platform for schools, teachers, sustainability experts, academics, responsible businesses and local community stakeholders

Empowering Every Child

Schools for Peace & Sustainability helps teachers empower their students to understand sustainability and deal with the complex problems they're facing

Knowledge Sharing

Sustainability experts and responsible ethical businesses share up-to-date knowledge and experience with schools, teachers and children

Fun Learning

One of the main objectives for Schools for Peace & Sustainability is to help teachers create interesting educational materials and fun learning opportunities

Case Studies

Schools for Peace & Sustainability provides interesting sustainability case studies for schools that teachers can share with schoolchildren of all ages 

Climate Change Strategy

The national Climate Change Strategy is simple - all businesses and organisations need to become carbon neutral and schools have an important role to play

School Sustainability Policy

Every school requires a comprehensive School Sustainability Policy establishing the school's strategy and position in terms of:

1. The education of students about sustainability;

2. Sustainability and carbon neutrality within the administration of the school;

3. The school's participation in the national Climate Change Strategy.

We have created a policy template that we're be distributing to schools worldwide. 

The National Climate Change Strategy

Schools for Peace & Sustainability is at the heart of the national Climate Change Strategy by helping businesses and organisations become carbon neutral. 

Our certified carbon offset package for small businesses and small organisations is affordable and simple to implement. All businesses and all organisations, regardless of size or industry, can now become carbon neutral immediately.

Our certified solution recaptures the carbon dioxide emitted from your activities by planting trees and creating natural indigenous woodland. This removes carbon emissions while having the added advantage of creating natural habitats and rebuilding wildlife ecosystems.

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