Vision Building

A picture paints a thousand words. Imagine a blank canvas split into two halves. On the left, Reality A = #InAction and on the right, Reality B = #DirectAction...
Reality A and Reality B
REALITY A = #InAction

Picture it:

You are standing on a piece of land surrounded by scorched earth. The ground is cracked from lack of moisture and exposure to long, hot, and rain-free days.

Listen hard.


No birds, no bees, no insects or animals of any kind.

The sun is blocked out by thick, oppressive black clouds of pollution and smog.

Though visibility is poor due to the pollution, in the distance you see a city. Everything is dark and uninviting. Long abandoned by its previous inhabitants, it is now a wasteland of the climate destruction caused by those same inhabitants.

Now take a deep breath. The air burns your mouth, nose, and lungs. Your eyes are struggling to retain moisture. It’s difficult to move at speed without the oxygen your body needs to exist.

This is a vision of the future we have built and continue to build without mercy.

This is not a possibility. This is a reality.

This is not a nightmare. This is real life. And there's no waking up from it.


REALITY B = #DirectAction

Picture it:

You are standing on a piece of land surrounded by a grassy meadow, you can feel the morning dew as you run your hands through the long grass.

Listen hard.

Birdsong. The gentle buzz of bees. If you listen closely; the soft chatter of insects. In the distance, you hear the call of many species of animals.

The sun is warming your face, your skin, the land around you.

In the distance, you see a city. But not just any city - a sustainable city. Illuminated by a clear and brilliant blue sky, rays of sunshine bounce off windows and buildings, like a beacon of life and hope.

Now take a deep breath. The air smells of earth, and flowers, and summer rain. You fill your lungs with clean oxygen, fuelling your body, invigorating you from head to toe.

This is a vision...of a sustainable future if we all take #DirectAction now.

We are in control of our future. In 2019 we are just 12 years away from pushing the #ClimateEmergency beyond the ability of our planet or the human race to save us. We need to tip the balance. We need #DirectAction now.

#S4PS - Uniting the world in the fight for a sustainable future.