Service Pillars

#S4PS is formed around four interconnected service pillars with the following stated objectives;

Ecosystem (Global Collaboration Platform - COMING SOON) 

Service Vision:

Develop genuine partnership relations across the educational system, which provides the ability to influence government policy and educational programmes promoting sustainable living and the future.

Ensure the #S4PS ecosystem is recognised as a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for worldwide communication of climate and sustainability initiatives and #DirectAction vehicles.

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Carbon Offsetting

Service Vision:

To ensure our current projects are Gold Standard for the Global Goals that set requirements to design projects for maximum positive impact on climate and development -- and to measure and report outcomes in the most credible and efficient way.

To continually source new projects as required to ensure we are providing a full range of well rounded environmental solutions for offsetting.

Supporting both B2B and B2C channels through the environmental team maximising revenue and educational opportunities to support a sustainable future.

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Unification of #ClimateEmergency Stakeholders

Service Vision:

Develop genuine partner relations and unite as one through the #S4PS Ecosystem, charities, NGO’s, community groups, commercial organisations, educational systems and governments focused on the delivery of a sustainable future.


Peace Ops - International Support

Service Vision:

Supporting Peace Ops passion delivering a world-class collaboration platform for governments, NGOs, peacebuilding organisations, universities, schools, and sustainability-minded companies, by providing educational and sustainability programmes in conflict and post-conflict countries.

#S4PS - Uniting the world in the fight for a sustainable future.