Carbon Offsetting

A carbon-offsetting revolution is here and it’s time to ACT NOW!

#S4PS is taking #DirectAction over Ireland's carbon emissions by launching a native Irish tree planting programme in conjunction with our carbon offsetting services which use only Gold Standard VER (Verified Emission Reduction) projects.

For every tonne of carbon offset by businesses and individuals, #S4PS will also plant 10 native Irish trees. These trees will be planted by our certified forestry services partner ensuring any trees planted will be cared for to maximise growth and environmental impact.

Native species to be planted include Pedunculate Oak, Birch, Holly, Hazel, and Rowan. Oak with Birch making up over 80% of the planting rotation.

Sadly, biodiversity is rapidly declining across the globe. These trees won’t just offset carbon in their own right as they grow but will restore much-needed habitat for Ireland's declining wildlife populations and help save our planet’s wildlife and pollinators.

In this way, businesses and individuals will be offsetting carbon, planting and protecting forests, and preserving biodiversity!

Ireland currently has c. 11% of its landmass populated by forests, with only c. 1% of native Irish species. The remaining 10% are non-native high yield plantations that are not biodiversity friendly. #S4PS is committed to changing this statistic with the help of businesses and concerned individuals. Examples of our Irish projects below are varied to ensure diversity and to maximise your impact:

  • Afforestation
  • Riparian/Waterways
  • Peninsula
  • Hedgerows
  • Urban
  • Individual projects in conjunction with concerned individuals, schools and community groups

Using only Gold Standard VER (Verified Emission Reduction) for our carbon offsetting projects, #S4PS and its customers are providing social and community benefits in addition to high-quality carbon offsetting.

Great for individuals wanting to go further than just offsetting, perfect for businesses with ambitious CSR targets.

#S4PS - Uniting the world in the fight for a sustainable future.