About Us

Why does #S4PS exist?

C02 levels are at an all-time high. The earth's temperature is rising. Our youth can’t see a future, and world governments are continually failing to act.

The human race is a virus stripping the world of its natural resources, taking away the very fuel that sustains life and ensures our survival.

We are failing to make the changes needed to reverse the damage we've done, and by 2035 we will be looking into the abyss of self-fulfilling climate destruction.

What can we do to change this?

How can we make a difference?

#S4PS is trying to reforest the world one tree at a time; rebuilding the fuel needed for the survival of planet earth, unifying and connecting the human race through an online educational ecosystem, and providing the tools needed to refuel planet earth for the survival of all.

#S4PS - Uniting the world in the fight for a sustainable future.